“What art offers is space, a certain breathing room for the spirit.”


Jade Gates

From as early as I can remember I was creating.

Sneaking into the kitchen cupboards to find macaroni and peanuts so I could create a collage on paper with Elmer's glue. OK, it turned into a lesson about wasting food but it didn't stop me. And the next time when I made the collage with found objects (seashells and bottle caps), I put a huge smile on my mother's face.


It was through a photographic lens that I fell in love with light and color.

My artistic career began behind a camera. First I hand-tinted photographs and then began to transfer film onto art paper and apply paint and pastels. I became so excited about this process that I started teaching workshops and seminars as a “creative uses consultant” for the Polaroid Corp. My enthusiasm for the painting process spurred me on to oil painting.

florida oil painting portrait boy.jpg

The first time I experienced realistic eyes looking back at me from the canvas, I was hooked.

Shifting from taking photographs to painting with oils, was both exciting and challenging. My first paintings started out in a traditional style and have progressed over the years to impressionistic, contemporary and abstract.


I paint because it makes me feel alive.

I often cover a blank canvas or wood panel with colors that excite me before I even know what I’m going to paint. This creates textural interest, helps loosen the feeling and later when it's mostly covered, creates unexpected surprises.

Whether my paintings are figurative or abstract, I'm focusing on how it is all connected. I like to let the color and light flow across figures and shapes showing the connection between all that surrounds them. and the sameness in all that exists.


I paint because I feel like it's what I have to offer - to touch, inspire and share.

I strive to keep showing up in my life and in my art, and I hope my paintings make you feel the way I do when I create them - inspired, creative, and alive.


Please stay a while - I hope my paintings give you some space to breathe, feel, and savor life.