Unique One of a Kind Oil Paintings


I began my career as a fine art photographer and it was through photographic training that I came to understand light and composition. While working as a creative uses consultant for the Polaroid Corp I explored creative photographic processes that involved transferring images onto art paper and painting them with watercolors and pastels. My enthusiasm for the painting process spurred me on to a new yet similar career path. Shifting from taking photographs of people to painting portraits was both exciting and challenging. The first time I experienced realistic eyes looking back at me from the canvas, I was mesmerized. My first paintings started out in a traditional style and have progressed over the years to impressionistic and contemporary.
My images have appeared in a wide variety of publications including Time, Newsweek, and Wine Spectator, and on the covers of videos, music CDs, cook books, magazines and brochures.
Over the past 30 years I have taught and exhibited throughout the world. Locations include The Ringling School of Art and Design and The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota FL, J.E. Vorrhees Gallery, the Galerie Krone in Zurich Switzerland, Stanford University CA, Louise Bascom Gallery NC, and Wildacres NC,

My current work is focused on painting figures that softly merge into ethereal dreamlike settings. They're portrayed in either contemplative moments or as interacting with one another. As a photographer as well as an artist, I approach each composition like a photograph, envisioning possible outcomes that stimulate, intrigue or excite me, and use those as the central focus for my art. Atmosphere is integral throughout, as I strive to infuse each work with feelings of compassion and caring. Based on my belief that we see ourselves in others allows for reflection not only on whatever may be happening in my compositions, but also what may be happening within us.

I love the rich transparent organic feel of oil paints and since the introduction of solvent-free medium, oils have become my favorite form of expression.
To start, I often cover a blank canvas or wood panel with paint, mixing colors that excite me before I even know what figure or figures I'm going to use. Then I find a pose or several poses that feel right and place them into the background. What attracts me can be the position someone is holding their hand, the tilt of their head or how close two people are standing. My intention is to show connection either between the figures or between a lone figure and the environment. I like to let the color and light flow across the bodies showing the connection between the figures and all that surrounds them. Layering the work creates rich textures and allows time to think about the next step as the canvas drys and I began another painting.